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Ventilated Facades » Prodema » Ventilated façade

Ventilated façade

It is essential to use a ventilated façade when mounting ProdEX panels. In order for this type of panel to perform correctly, it is very important that the differences in moisture and temperature between both sides of the panel are kept to a minimum.

A ventilated façade has several advantages over a conventional façade:

  • A ventilated façade provides us with waterproofing against rain and prevents water from penetrating into the air chamber.
  • It evenly spreads the water vapour from the building’s interior to the exterior.
  • A ventilated façade generates constant air ventilation and prevents moisture from getting trapped and dampening the insulation.
  • It reduces movements of the building's structure due to the fact that, as it ventilates the façade, temperature changes are reduced.
  • It reduces heat bridges to a minimum.
  • It achieves an energy saving of between 5 and 10%, as it absorbs less heat in summer and disperses less heat in winter.
  • Easy to mount and dismantle, and it is a good solution for restorations.
  • It improves sound insulation.

In order for the ProdEX ventilated façade to function correctly, both sides of the board must be exposed to the air. To do so, it is important to bear in mind these main points:

  • The air space between the panels and the insulation or closure must be at least 20 mm, and all national or local legislation indications must also be observed. For example, the Technical Building Code (CTE) in Spain indicates a space of 30 mm to 100 mm.
  • Leave an opening of at least 20 mm in the lower and upper part of the façade, as well as in the doors and windows, so that air can circulate vertically.
  • We recommend you use only vertical strips, as they do not interfere with air circulation. Should you use horizontal strips that make vertical ventilation difficult, there must be perforations in said strips to allow 20 cm2/m of ventilation for coverings on façades with a height of up to 1 metre, and 50 cm2/m for coverings on façades with a height of over 1 metre.

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