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Services » Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

During our activities, the development of new technologies has always been accompanied by respect and attention to environmental resources.In terms of resource consumption and waste production, the building sector represents one of the sectors of the economy to higher impact. The design of buildings and city plays an important role in mitigating the phenomena connected to climate change.


Sustainable construction is defined as a building or infrastructure with minimal impact on the natural environment.

To build sustainably, means to accept some basic rules:

  • to minimize the consumption of non-renewable resources;

  • to contribute to the strengthening of the natural environment;

  • to eliminate or to minimize the putting into circulation of toxic substances.

Must spread the knowledge that you can get more healthy and natural buildings and create high-quality environments within a logic of resource savings both material and energy through greater awareness in the planning phase in the choice of equipment, materials and eco-friendly construction.


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