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Curtain Walls » Complete Facades

Complete Facades

Complete façades
Aluminium Façades – Vertical and Inclining Façades: These are two different aluminium constructions thermally realised in two different phases: FW 50 has a visible section of only 50 mm. It is available in a large range of stanchions and traverses suitable for all needs. There is also a large range of external canopies of different shapes which offer various aesthetic solutions. The FW 50 system is particularly suitable for façades and hallways for small canopies and oblique glass panels. The SK 60 mm section is the vertical complement for SK 60 glass roof buildings. It allows the direct connection between the roof and the wall by way of a simple solution from a construction and aesthetic viewpoint. The SK 60 V is simple and quick to work. It is highly compatible with the SK 60 system, since they have many accessories in common.

Structural Façades: Façades formed by external units in glass and carrying structures in thermaly built aluminium. The thermally isolated carrying structure has a visible section in the inside part measuring 50 mm and is masked externally by glass panels. The SG 50 can be constructed either with a perimetal mechanical fixture in the form of a slim cornice or without. Both solutions can have jutting windows inserted which are invisibile when closed. The SG 50 system can be used to build large dimension façades - which include entire buildings – but also only on part of buildings.

Coverings: Aluminium coverings for thermal cut glass roofs with large carrying cantilevered units. The visible width of the profile even in the corner is 60 mm; the different dimensions of the profiles are suited to all requirements. SK 60 permits the construction of pratically every shape of roof, from a sloping glass roof to a pitch roof and even complicated geometric shapes such as pyramid, polygonal structures, etc. The BV 60 system has been specially created for curving structrues. The carrying profiles of the frame are curved in one piece compatibly with needs of transport and installment. Both glass roofs come with channels with differentiated pressurization for drainage and infiltration of vapour. Ventilation is provided by roll-up or opening shutters. Ventilated façades: Aluminium ventilated façades for buildings whose outward apearance does not allow recognition of ventilated parts positioned in the walling from the transparent fixed or opening parts. The structure corresponding to the fixed or opening parts is thermally isolated, while the ventilated part corresponding to the walling is mounted in a single sheet structure which is not isolated and which has been tempered and lacquered.

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